“Painter of the Life Trade”

Edoardo De Sio

There are men who “pickaxe” to make your journey possible and there are men who linger as an echo and follow, not wishing to grasp.

There is a man’s straightforward generosity of the soul that strives to be the best in any trade he might undertake, with no false heroism, with no peacock-like affectation.

There is Walter Davanzo, Painter, sketching his unique interpretation of the Trade of Life, of his Art.

Walter Davanzo travels steadfastly on this path with the vital effervescence, at times with the childish purity of a man who seeks a home in the world without ever finding it, but finds careful collectivity instead. Disenchanted but still a dreamer and thinker with the heart’s mind, he takes us for a walk on earth, without depriving us of the reassuring breath, keeping us gazing at the sky without stumbling into the cynicism of the progress surrounding us.

He offers us the heritage of family histories, his family, to then escort us into a world of facts and fates, people and cathedrals built by ever lonelier men for men.

With his works Walter Davanzo invites us to ponder on his way of seeing, independent of the direction his painting takes, of what he paints or how he uses his interminable research into materials, places, techniques.

He then offers us art’s eternal opportunity, of the man who grasps with his every gaze not just the surface, but also that heavy and sometimes gloomy side, the other side of the coin behind every smile, across the ages.

Walter Davanzo is the ideal companion for life’s journey, not merely because he is a Painter and his paintings and canvases, and all the things he creates and makes topical, usable and liveable tell us about this journey. He is the eternal youth, a great man who manifests the artist effortlessly, without any useless courage or arrogance. He is able to bear witness to his Trade with artistry, the commitment to life and the strength of spirit and energies which only a brave heart ascribes to the eternal thought every day.

A man, a painter, a generous human being in the many surprising professions he practices, the trade of living as equilibrium between man and artist for these times. Walter Davanzo